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Platinum Tools Founder Lee Sachs Takes First Step Towards Retirement

Founding partner David Johny will move into general manager role.

Platimum Tools - Lee Sachs
Lee Sachs

Platinum Tools has announced that company founder Lee Sachs will take a first major step towards a well-earned retirement by stepping down from his role as president. Sachs will now focus on special projects so that the company continues to benefit from his years of experience.

“Platinum Tools has been a part of me every day for more than 20 years,” says Sachs. “With last year’s acquisition of the company by NSi Industries, it is time for me to begin handing off the day-to-day operations to the team that will take Platinum Tools into the future. While I’m looking forward to some more free time, it would be hard to just leave something that you have known and loved for so long, so I’m excited to move into a consulting role. I also couldn’t be happier that my long-time business partner David [Johny] will have the opportunity to run the company, and his move into the G.M. role shows NSi’s confidence in, and dedication to, the quality and customer service philosophy that made Platinum Tools the successful and respected company it is today.”

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