The EXO Crimp Frame with EZ-RJ45 Die is Now Shipping

Platinum Tools is now shipping its new EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool (p/n 100062C) with an MSRP of $98.00.

Platinum Tools' EZ-RJ45

Platinum Tools' EZ-RJ45

“The new EXO Crimp Tool improves the trim and crimping process of EZ-RJ45 connectors,” explained John Phillips, Platinum Tools Inc. product manager. “Using this tool with EXO-EX Die™ will also give users the ability to terminate larger Cat-6/6A cables with ezEX-RJ45 connectors.”

The patented EXO Crimp Frame is a RJ45 crimp tool that can terminate multiple sizes of cables and conductors. The crimp frame highlights two interchangeable dies that work with EZ-RJ45 (Cat-5e/6) and ezEX-RJ45 (Cat-6/6A) connectors. The tool design allows for future upgrades by purchasing a new die.

Additional enhanced features and specifications of the EXO Crimp Frame and Dies include single cycle crimp and flush trim; reversible Die for ambidextrous operation; connectors lock into tool for correct positioning during crimp; push button lock for easy storage; and ergonomic comfort grip TPR handles.