PowerHouse Alliance Members Join for Fifth Annual Sales Meeting

Receives Fresh Perspective from Pittsburgh Pirates President Frank Coonelly
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Dennis Holzer, PowerHouse Alliance executive director and Frank Coonelly, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates kicking off day one of the fifth-annual PowerHouse Alliance sales meeting

The PowerHouse Alliance 12 distributor members convened for their eighth year as a group during their fifth annual national sales meeting alongside 28 vendor partners in Pittsburgh. Bonding activities, vendor meetings, and one-on-one distributor discussions set the pace for the group’s growth and goals heading into CEDIA.

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The 5th Annual PowerHouse Alliance sales meeting kicks off with a river cruise around Pittsburgh’s city center
The three-day summit debuted with a keynote address from Pittsburgh Pirates president, Frank Coonelly. Though specializing in a different industry, Coonelly made connections between the challenges faced by small-market professional baseball teams and regional distributors like those of the PowerHouse Alliance, addressing how to stand against big competition.

“Our annual sales meeting is a venue for members to discuss new products, performance, sales tactics and training initiatives with vendors and other members,” said PowerHouse Alliance executive director Dennis Holzer. “The group reviews the first half of the year and also develops strategies and goals for CEDIA, the remainder of the year and beginning of the New Year. We’ve seen growth with new member facilities, training, as well as the many existing and new quality product lines we offer.”

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The team line up for the PowerHouse Alliance member and vendor softball game

Coonelly’s go-to-market sales and marketing strategies were reportedly a valuable learning experience for the members. “Frank Coonelly was incredibly relatable to our distributor members as a fish in the big pond that is the MLB,” Holzer said. “His catch-phrase ‘control the controllables’ brought a fresh perspective for our group, and inspiration to be better business people and decision-makers for the second half of 2017.”

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PowerHouse Alliance members collaborate on sales & marketing strategies
Representatives from 28 vendors attended, seven of which had their debut this year with PowerHouse including Eero, Hikvision, Luma, KEF, Samsung, SoundTube, and Zigen. Beyond trade shows, it’s rare for brands to meet face-to-face with their sales partners; and PowerHouse Alliance vendors appreciated the valuable one-on-one time they received. PowerHouse Alliance distributor members were equally enthusiastic, naming this year’s sales meeting the best of five by a long shot.

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PowerHouse Alliance members collaborate on sales & marketing strategiesDennis Holzer of the PowerHouse Alliance with Billy Thea, Alan Malowitz, Patrick Berna & Matthew Weil of Ui Supplies and Earl Naegele of Peerless-AV
The PowerHouse Alliance members will meet next at CEDIA in San Diego, CA, September 6-8, 2017, and will exhibit in the PowerHouse Alliance (Booth 5729). Multiple members also have trainings and events planned for the remainder of the summer.