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PRO Audio Chooses Two Sales Reps Across U.S.

PRO Audio Technology (PRO) has appointed the Elite 3 Pro and Digital Sales Group as manufacturing representatives for two separate regions.

PRO Audio Technology (PRO), the leader in loudspeakers and DSP-programmable amplifier systems for residential properties, has appointed the Elite 3 Pro and Digital Sales Group as manufacturing representatives for two separate regions. Elite 3 Pro will represent the company in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and Digital Sales Group will cover Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, and Southern Illinois.

“Elite 3 Pro and Digital Sales Group acknowledge the unique integration and performance benefits of our products and we are confident that they will do an exemplary job of conveying PRO’s advanced technology to the channel,” said PRO Audio Technology VP of Sales, Larry Reagan. “Both Representatives are veterans in the industry and are well equipped to position PRO as the premier residential audio brand in the South Central and Midwest markets.”

PRO products are comprised of professional-grade components, truly bringing a cinema-quality experience to the home. Engineered to deliver the best sound to any room, PRO’s multiple speaker series allow installers to mix models based on application demands and achieve a seamless, coherent sound field. In addition, the integrator is given a powerful suite of software controls to compensate for environmental influences, such as speaker placement behind viewing screens or stretch fabric walls, secondary boundary loading, and other factors. All crossover functions, high-resolution frequency response shaping, and time correction are achieved in DSP, eliminating restrictive passive filter networks from the signal path.

“PRO Audio Technology’s advanced products set them apart from their competitors making them the perfect addition to our existing brands,” said Elite 3 Pro President Michael Coughlin. “PRO’s DSP amplifiers and extensive speaker options provide dealers with unmatched flexibility and an audio solution for almost any room in the home. PRO’s diverse product line paired with their proprietary SoundTools™ software makes it easy for dealers to provide an incomparable audio experience.”