Pro Audio Technology to Demo 9.2.4 Atmos System at CEDIA

Discreet High-End In-Wall/Ceiling System Designed to Deliver Big Sound
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Pro Audio Technology (Booth SR-5), supplier of high-output loudspeakers and DSP-programmable amplifier systems, is taking a different approach to its presentation this year at CEDIA 2016. With a 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos system featuring all architectural loudspeakers, PRO will give attendees a powerful demo that aims to set new standards for performance from a discrete, designer-friendly system that is well suited for multimedia rooms and dedicated theater applications. 

“Showing a cost-no-object state-of-the-art system is exciting, but not always something that every dealer can relate to as part of their business,” said Larry Reagan, co-owner and VP of sales at PRO. “The ability to bring those same sonic attributes to a system that many dealers can sell every month, is what sets PRO apart. We specialize in powerful, but highly refined systems that can be easily integrated into media rooms and multipurpose rooms. This year, we are demonstrating a moderately priced Dolby Atmos system that can be a go-to solution for a broad range of installation applications. Though more modestly priced, this system still provides PRO’s acoustic signature of expansive dynamics and visceral energy resulting in a real cinematic experience.”

PRO’s 9.2.4 CEDIA demo features screen channels consisting of three SCRS-26im invisible mount loudspeakers, each equipped with two professional 6-inch woofers and a 1-inch compression driver on an elliptical constant directivity horn. Low-frequency power handling is quoted at 560 watts with a sensitivity of 99dB. High-frequency performance boasts 120 watts or power handling and sensitivity of 114dB with extension to beyond 30kHz. Side and rear channels encompass six SCRS-6im in-wall loudspeakers utilizing the same drivers as above in a single-woofer-per-speaker design, with a maximum output of 116dB. 

Overhead, immersive sound will be supplied by four compact SCRS-5iw loudspeakers. Though the SCRS-5iw is PRO’s smallest speaker, it is a high-output professional-style design employing a high-frequency compression driver mounted on a proprietary elliptical horn, with a high-power 5-inch woofer. Completing the system and providing PRO’s trademark visceral-yet-tuneful low-frequency performance, are two LFC-15sm subwoofers, each featuring a 2,000-watt-rated driver with a massive motor system, 96dB high sensitivity, and a maximum output of more than 120dB. 

Total system power of 5,800 watts will be provided by a combination of PRO’s Class-D DMA-1508 and PMA-9900 amplifiers. The DMA-1508 configurable multichannel amplifiers will drive each screen channel in biamp mode with 300 watts per woofer and 100 watts per tweeter. Channel pairs will operate in bridged mono mode to provide 300 watts to effects channels as needed. The PMA-9900 will supply 1,000 watts of power to each subwoofer. All channels are DSP optimized using PRO’s advanced SoundTools software, for system programming and calibration.