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ProSource Announces Resources for Hiring and Retaining Employees

New HR Playbook provides best practices, tools, and programs to assist members in recruitment and retention.

ProSource has introduced the ProSource HR Playbook, an actionable new hiring and recruiting handbook explicitly developed for ProSource members. The Playbook provides a complete package of best practices, tools, and programs that combines fresh ideas, innovative approaches, and real-world strategies to assist members in recruitment and retention. This handbook serves as a roadmap to steering through the challenges of attracting, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding top talent. This comprehensive guide offers tools used by national companies to compete and win in the employee marketplace.

Key components of the HR Playbook include:

  • Best Practice Guide for HR — Planning, Attracting, Recruiting, Hiring, and Interviewing
  • HR Scorecard to highlight areas to improve in the hiring process
  • CareerPlug — Online Applicant Tracking System
  • McQuaig Candidate Assessment Solution
  • Interview Scorecard
  • Handbook in a Box — Create a fully configurable comprehensive handbook for any size company in any area of the country for free

CareerPlug — A Recruitment Solution

ProSource HR Playbook

ProSource is now addressing members’ employment needs through a partnership with CareerPlug, an online recruiting software that helps automate the hiring process for more than 12,000 clients. Under the new collaboration, every ProSource member can access a free turnkey recruitment tool that will simplify and supercharge the hiring process.

Specifically, CareerPlug is hosting a branded career page for every member, featuring the member’s approved photos, video, company description, and benefits, with members having the ability to edit at any time. Using an intuitive interface, members can post job openings using 20 pre-written templates featuring job descriptions for apprentice, lead and senior technicians, sales, project manager or coordinator, environmental designer, and operations lead.

Members can customize the job templates or create additional ones to meet their specific needs, as well as access pre-built email templates to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process, from the interview invitation to the offer letter.

In addition, members can tap into CareerPlug’s library of suggested prescreening questions and interview guides; view expert videos, webinars, and help articles; and call on the company’s Support Team via phone, email, or live chat.

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McQuaig Talent Assessment

Introduced in 2020, the McQuaig Talent Assessment Solution provides the insight that ProSource members need to improve the hiring process and save money. The McQuaig System allows members to determine what types of behaviors they will see on the job before making the hire.

McQuaig allows members to compare candidates to ideal profiles in order to see what types of work they are naturally suited for. Understand ahead of time why someone may not be a good fit and get the behavior-based interview questions to probe deeper into those areas. This helps to conduct stronger interviews so one can make the right hire the first time. Once a hire has been made, McQuaig tools offer actionable insights to help a member understand how to best manage, coach, and develop the new hire in order to retain them long term.

ProSource Handbook in a Box

The time and cost to produce and maintain an employee handbook can be a detrimental burden on a business. With specifics that can vary by location, size, and business type, it can be hard to find a resource with the right expertise to build one for your business, especially within a budget. That is why ProSource has worked with a firm specializing in employment law to create a fully configurable, comprehensive handbook template for members of any size and in any area of the country. And most importantly, this is not a generic template from a faceless source but has been built from top to bottom to address the specific needs of the custom integrator and specialty retailer. This customized handbook has a value of $3000 to $5000 and will cover topics ranging from employee expectations and what to wear on the sales floor or in customers’ homes, to rules regarding company-owned tools and equipment. It also details company policies on vehicles and drivers as well as payroll, vacation, harassment, confidentiality, and more. It is important for every organization to have a current and accurate employee handbook in place. This ensures that key company policies are clearly and consistently communicated to the staff to avoid any misinterpretation or confusion.

“ProSource members now have a complete roundup of resources featured in the HR Playbook, including CareerPlug, an HR Scorecard, Job Interview Scorecard, the McQuaig Four-Trait system, the Handbook in a Box, and other key components,” says Sherry Dantonio, ProSource senior director of education and membership recruitment. “Even in the best of times, finding and hiring the right people is one of the most challenging aspects of running an independent business. The task has become even more daunting in today’s tight labor market — which is why ProSource has developed exclusive human resources content, including this HR Playbook, packed with expert advice to help our members recruit, hire, and retain outstanding teams.”

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