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PSB Speakers Announces Partnership with Audiodo

Audiodo’s Personal Sound technology will find its way into future PSB Speakers products.

PSB Speakers and Audiodo have announced an agreement that will see Audiodo’s Personal Sound algorithms integrated into future yet-to-be-announced headphones from PSB Speakers. This partnership marks the first time Audiodo’s technology will appear in a high-fidelity product.

Fans of PSB Speakers will know that company founder Paul Barton is one of the pioneers in incorporating psychoacoustic principles into speaker design and manufacture. Barton has brought that philosophy into PSB Speakers’ headphones through a technology called RoomFeel, which ensures that music that is recorded and optimized for listening in a room with various decorative and architectural characteristics still sounds natural when the room is essentially removed from the listening scenario and the speakers are pressed against the ear.

Sharing in PSB Speakers’ commitment to incorporating psychoacoustic principles into personal audio products like headphones, Audiodo’s Personal Sound technology will allow individual users to calibrate their unique hearing perception to the True-to-Nature sound signature of PSB Speakers’ headphones. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Audiodo has over 30 years of experience in hearing calibration, personal profile calculation, and audio processing algorithms.

Many factors affect hearing, including the shape and size of ears and ear canals, as well as damage to cilia from loud noises or infection. These combined with personal preferences and everyone’s unique neurological patterns means that the sophistication of human hearing as a sense is often taken for granted. Through a series of audio tests and questions, Audiodo’s technology creates a personal hearing profile for users that compensates for anomalies in sound perception and hearing abilities, allowing an individual to experience, unimpeded, the True-to-Nature sound signature PSB Speakers is known for.

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