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QMotion Secures Two Patents for Shade Tech

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems has secured two patents for their technology in automated shade systems.

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems has secured two patents for their technology in automated shade systems.

The U.S. Patent Office issued one patent for invention number 8,791,658, for a high efficiency roller shade, that was awarded to inventors Willis Jay Mullet, QMotion chief executive officer, Scott Hand, director of new product development, and Darrin W. Brunk, senior product design engineer. The patent was awarded for developing a method for controlling a motorized roller shade that includes a shade attached to a shade tube, a microcontroller and a DC gear motor disposed within the shade tube, and an output shaft coupled to a support shaft fixed to a mounting bracket. The method comprises the shade receiving a command from a remote control and moving the shade to a position associated with the command by energizing the DC gear motor with at least one battery located within the shade tube to rotate the shade tube and the DC gear motor housing while the DC gear motor output shaft and support shaft remain fixed.

QMotion’s motorized roller shades incorporate the batteries, motor, and gear inside the tube creating a sleek, unobtrusive design option for window treatments. Other brands of motorized roller shades have the battery compartment or motor outside the tube creating a less elegant design, said the company.

The patent for invention number 8,820,388 for a motorizable shade system was also awarded to inventors Mullet, Hand, and Brunk. The patent protects a window shade having a removable motor assembly that can be slid within the header of the window shade. The window shade operates manually without the motor assembly, and when the motor assembly is inserted within the header the window shade operates by the motor assembly.

QMotion developed a method for converting a manual honeycomb shade to a motorized honeycomb shade by simply sliding a motor assembly into the header of the window shade.