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Rayleigh Instruments to Launch Building Control System at CEDIA09

Rayleigh, Essex, England — Rayleigh Instruments has chosen the CEDIA09 exhibition to launch an intelligent building control system called INELS. This system is designed for both small and large installations. It is already in widespread use throughout mainland Europe, with many installations ranging from homes to shopping centres.

INELS is a modern and intelligent electrical installation which provides effective management of lighting, shutters, Venetian blinds, heating or cooling of individual rooms, security, electrical appliances and even control of television and sound systems. INELS may be operated locally, centrally or remotely. Methods include touchscreen panel, universal remote (IR) control, voice activation, computer, mobile phone, or Internet.

INELS allows complete control of the building from anywhere in the world.

Benefits to the homeowner include the provision of an automated and more comfortable living environment, enhanced security, and peace of mind when away from the property, energy savings, prestige and added value to the home. The system can also be expanded in the future without undue expense.

Benefits to the installer include ease of connection via a two-wire bus system. Work can start without knowing the exact layout and function of each device, as units can be added to the bus at any time. All functions are programmed by computer using simple software.

Time is saved as control cables are not required therefore also preventing possible mistakes during installation.

Remote diagnostics can be run by the electrician or, where necessary, Rayleigh Instruments.

For more information, contact Graham Lockhart 01268 749359 [email protected].