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RAYVA CEDIA 2017 Highlights Include Education Sessions, New Blog

RAYVA, the producer of branded, easy-to-install, pre-engineered, all-inclusive premium home theaters, will offer two education sessions and a promotion aimed at home technology professionals, during the CEDIA 2017.

RAYVA, the producer of branded, easy-to-install, pre-engineered, all-inclusive premium home theaters, will offer two education sessions and a promotion aimed at home technology professionals, during the CEDIA 2017. RAYVA will also introduce a blog site reinforcing the company’s message of enjoying the best entertainment at home in the way homeowners would like to enjoy it.

RAYVA also will introduce two new luxury systems and two additional theater designs during CEDIA 2017. The new Diamond and Titanium systems offer higher-end complements to the current Gold and Platinum systems, while the Illuminations and Origami designs are new additions to RAYVA’s collection of design options. 

During CEDIA 2017, RAYVA will offer two back-to-back education sessions. One is a MFT course and the other a panel sessions featuring integrators and RAYVA executives, who will discuss ways RAYVA is successfully redefining and reshaping the home theater category. 

Behind the Scenes with RAYVA (Thursday, September 7 at 1:00 p.m. in Room 17A) will show attendees how RAYVA’s turnkey home theater process works and provide a look at the inner workings of a pre-engineered RAYVA home theater. RAYVA VP of sales Jeff Zemanek will explain the design amd installation process and the benefits of pre-engineering. Attendees will also learn the advantages of these turnkey solutions for builders & designers and how they immensely benefit Home Technology Professionals.

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The Turnkey Pre-engineered Theaters (Thursday, September 7 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 16A) panel session will show attendees how RAYVA’s all-in-one home theater solutions can significantly increase business and profitability for integrators. Presenters will discuss how RAYVA is leveraging decades of experience to create high-margin, easy-to-install premium theaters, while home technology professionals will explain why they became part of RAYVA and why more integrators should too. Panelists/presenters will include Steve Stary of Brilliant AV; Allen Temble of Acoustic Evolution; George Walter, RAYVA president; and Theo Kalomirakis, RAYVA executive director.

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RAYVA’s featured CEDIA promotion encourages integrators to present their clients’ home theater plans to company professionals for a free evaluation. Anyone submitting their plans for a free evaluation of a RAYVA Home Theater before September 15, 2017 will receive an autographed copy of Theo Kalomirakis’ best-selling coffee table book which includes some of his greatest home theater designs, Great Escapes. And any integrator who signs a contract for a RAYVA Home Theater by October 31, 2017 will also be recognized with an all-expenses-paid weekend trip for two to New York City.

Plans can be presented at RAYVA’s CEDIA booth 1537 or PDFs can be emailed to [email protected].

“Our home theater plans promotion is designed to show integrators how easy it is to sell, install, and profit significantly from home theaters using RAYVA’s exclusive designs,” said Theo Kalomirakis, executive director of RAYVA. “We hope our promotion will encourage Home Technology Professionals to take that first step and benefit from what RAYVA has to offer.” 

RAVYA will use CEDIA as a forum to launch The RAYVA Roundtable (, a unique blog site devoted to wide-ranging content and commentary on all things home entertainment.

The RAYVA Roundtable will offer engaging, expert commentary, updated every day, on the best movies, TV shows, streaming content, music, and other entertainment, and on home theater technology, design, and trends. Integrators, dealers, builders, and everyone who loves home entertainment and home theater will find it an engaging, authoritative, opinionated forum embracing a wide range of views and voices.

“The RAYVA Roundtable is meant to reinforce the philosophy behind RAYVA,” said Roundtable editor Michael Gaughn, “which is about keeping the passion for creating and experiencing entertainment alive. The site will keep readers attuned to the latest trends and breakthroughs, provide fresh perspectives on the entertainment and home technology industries, and offer expert recommendations for the best entertainment to experience at home.”