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Registration Still Open for Roadshow Dallas

On November 15, 2011 NewBay Media and The Stimson Group will host an exposition of Rental Management software and SaaS (software as a service) providers, in Dallas (Register: ). As Tom Stimson comments, “In the time-sensitive business of Rental & Staging, poor planning

Registration is still open for the NewBay/InfoComm Roadshow in Dallas next week, Wednesday Nov. 16. It’s free to attend. Don’t miss it. While most of the presentations are on the AV staging market, there is increasing crossover between installed AV and trade show booth and staged AV – both on the marketing and technology sides.

In fact, the main Roadshow presenter on business and marketing issues, Tom Stimson — an MBA with 25+ years in the AV industry and a recent stint as president of InfoComm — knows as much about the systems integration side of the fence and newer markets as he does about the live event market. Including how to get out of your box, and find new sources of revenue – not vague blue-sky stuff about exploring new markets, but real-world advice, on how, for example, to restructure the sales commission structure and the BizDev structure in your company to ensure that new business is brought in, from new places. It won’t be, without first changing the internal structure of your company, Stimson holds. Rarely does a presenter cut the hype and tell you precisely how to retool your own company – processes, not people, thank you – if you want new business and if you want the business you get to be profitable.

And note, there will be a special presentation by InfoComm’s Paul Streffon, Senior Staff Instructor, on Apps for the AV market. Paul has gathered information on what tablet and Smartphone apps are being used in the field by top AV pros. Some amazing things are being done with Apps – to increase productivity, for test and measurement, and more. You’ll come away from this presentation armed with some new Apps to help you in your job.

Register to attend the Roadshow (no charge to attend).