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ReQuest Partners with ReadyToPlay

ReQuest has named ReadyToPlay as the authorized provider of CD ripping for its line of AudioReQuest home music systems.

Palo Alto, CA–ReQuest Inc, a manufacturer of digital audio/video management products, has named ReadyToPlay, the CD-to-digital conversion service, as the authorized provider of CD ripping and server loading services for ReQuest’s line of AudioReQuest residential music systems.

“After a thorough analysis, ReQuest Multimedia concluded that ReadyToPlay has the technology and product knowledge to deliver the most consistent, high-quality service to ReQuest customers,” said Jeff Tedesco, CEO and founder of ReadyToPlay, based in Palo Alto, California. “ReQuest is one of the premier brands in the market. ReadyToPlay will work closely with them to provide its dealers with world class service.”

“Our music systems really come alive when coupled with a customer’s personal CD collection,” said Steve Vasquez, co-founder of ReQuest Inc. “To do this right requires the highest standards for ripping, encoding and tagging of metadata. ReadyToPlay has the processes, technology and experience our customers and products demand.”