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Research: Smart Products – Building the Modern Home

New white paper from Parks Associates examines new smart home products and the connected consumer lifestyle.

Parks Associates – Smart Home

Parks Associates has released a new complimentary white paper entitled Smart Products: Building the Modern Home.

The technical landscape of the modern home is constantly evolving, and new homes must be designed with these changes in mind. Smart home products are among the newest category of connected devices, with adoption growing steadily since 2014.

This white paper examines new smart home products, the connected consumer lifestyle, and the future of modern living.

Park Associates – Smart Home Triggers

Key Data Points

  • Currently, 88 percent of U.S. households have broadband, and consumers now have an average of 13 connected devices, up from 9.2 in 2016.
  • Almost 30 percent U.S. broadband households or about 32 million households have children at home.
  • Thirty-four percent of U.S. broadband households report owning at least one of the smart home devices or a smart major appliance, up from 17 percent in 2016.

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