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Revenew Launches Beta Mobile App

Marketing technology distributor Revenew has introduced a new mobile app and added advanced functionality to its cloud-based marketing platform.

Marketing technology distributor Revenew has introduced a new mobile app and added advanced functionality to its cloud-based marketing platform. The mobile app allows users to run manufacturer-funded marketing programs and monitor local marketing results from anywhere at any time. Additionally, users will have access to a new platform for social interaction between brands and their local marketing partners to synchronize their efforts and drive local market growth.

The mobile application and advanced functionality is currently being tested with a small group of Revenew members. This select beta group will provide first-hand user feedback that will help shape the functionality and application of the new technology and tools. Members can submit their request to join the beta group by visiting here.

“The launch of the enhanced Revenew platform and mobile app is the next step in offering resellers the most user-centric experience available today,” said Kevin Souers, CTO of Revenew. “The app is designed to fully enable the resellers to market with ease. They are busy and on the go, but with Revenew’s mobile app they can participate in pre-authorized local campaigns with one click, monitor results of their current campaigns from anywhere, and keep on top of marketing programs from their favorite brands with Revenew’s social tools.”

Run Campaigns with a Click

Each member will have access to a revolutionary new capability to run marketing programs anytime, anywhere. “Fast & Funded” are turnkey, pre-funded campaigns provided by sponsoring brands that local channel partners can opt into and run with a click. Partners receive notifications to participate when new “Fast & Funded” campaigns are launched, increasing partner engagement like never before. Users can also use a feature called “Test Drive” to preview the co-branded campaign with their brand and information, and execute it directly from their mobile phone.

Connect with the Channel Community

Revenew’s social capabilities will go well beyond the traditional industry or social networks that are available today. The Revenew system now provides a private environment for brands and local channel partners to share news, notifications and best practices. This powerful collaboration platform will increase engagement and local marketing effectiveness. As the social connections grow, Revenew will become the central source of information and engagement that connects a brand and its channel partners.

Track Performance on the Go
The ability to track the results of a marketing campaign has always been critical to the users of Revenew. The introduction of Revenew’s mobile application offers access to all of Revenew’s capabilities to monitor the real-time performance of recent campaigns from anywhere. Users will also receive regular updates on their current promotions so they are empowered to change course if necessary.