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Richard Gray’s Power Company’s HouseGuard

Denver, CO–Richard Grays Power Company’s (RGPC) RGPC HouseGuard is a whole-house AC line surge suppression system for 120/240V single-phase electrical installations. HouseGuard is the second whole-house device launched by RGPC, as the company seeks to address increased consumer and dealer demand for power management equipment that can more comprehensively protect more electronics systems at once by connecting directly at the AC panel instead of at individual outlets.

In a departure from previous manufacturing designs, HouseGuard will be the first RGPC product to utilize Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) as its main line protector. While MOVs have gotten a bad name, high-quality MOVs provide an effective deterrent against AC line-borne surges, and RGPC has discovered a non-sacrificial, large-scale MOV system that was not previously available for residential installations. The RGPC HouseGuard integrates two massive MOV-based protection modules, whose function is to conduct significantly increased current when voltage is excessive.

The MOV modules unique design within the RGPC HouseGuard provides very low internal contact resistance, excellent thermal management of the MOV and uniform distribution of the surge current over the total area of the protection element, thus resulting in an extremely high energy handling capability combined with very low let-through voltages. The HouseGuard can be hit with a 130,000 amp surge over 300 times before the MOVs even begin to break down (average lighting strike is 50,000 100,000 amps). The modules patented design minimizes the effects of aging and completely eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure, explosion or fire, which can be common in conventional surge protection devices.

RGPC has always shied away from MOVs in the past because they are, by nature, designed to be sacrificial and have a reputation for breaking down and letting surges and other electrical noise flow unchecked through to the connected gear, said RGPC President Rick Komendera. But our research and testing has convinced us that the new breed of MOVs are built to last. Richard would not allow us to put his name on this product otherwise.

As many installations grow well beyond a single media room, its increasingly difficult to effectively protect all of the equipment throughout a whole-home installation. RGPC HouseGuard is a premium surge suppression system for the entire home, and will not only protect A/V equipment and outlets but complete electrical systems like lighting and HVAC throughout the home.

The RGPC HouseGuard is Listed to UL 1449 2nd Edition including revisions effective February 2007 and carries a 10 year warranty.

The HouseGuard has an MSRP of $2,195 and is now shipping.