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Richard Gray’s Power Companys PowerHouse 3X

Richard Gray’s Power Companys PowerHouse 3X is designed exclusively for triple-phase AC power. The PowerHouse 3X is engineered for the demanding power requirements of the home automation and home theater systems of large homes and estates, as well as commercial applications–a first for RGPC. The PowerHouse 3X can operate on 208 or 240V triple-phase AC power; can handle up to 6200-watts and simultaneously power up to 21 components.

The introduction of the triple-phase PowerHouse 3X is in direct response to installers that simply needed a more efficient way to move power to the A/V and automation products they are installing in homes ranging from 5,000 – 25,000 square feet. “Most commercial applications run on triple-phase power,” commented RGPC vice president of operations, Rick Komendera. “Our dealers are installing systems in homes that run as much power if not more than small to medium sized commercial applications, so they turned to us to provide them with the best solution with which to power and protect their installations. We are also pleased to be able to provide a solution for commercial applications with the same product. “

The PowerHouse 3X is identical in appearance to its single-phase predecessor featuring a front panel, 50-amp analog amp meter as well as 20 Hubbell outlets on the back, and one “convenience” outlet on the front. The massive, 300-lb., seven rack space chassis incorporates a 5-kilowatt transformer and a patented, parallel dual choke. Since the PowerHouse 3X operates on 240v it is naturally resistant to power surges, brown-outs and electrical storms that might otherwise render a rack full of sensitive A/V components inoperable.

Besides the installation convenience of housing all this power in one chassis, the ability to provide AC power to 21 components eliminates the need for multiple RGPC units and “jumper” power cords that can add resistance to the line. Further making the custom installer’s job easier, RGPC is partnered with D-Tools to provide installers and integrators with the proper wiring and setup schematics for all of RGPC’s products, including the PowerHouse 3X.

MSRP of the RGPC PowerHouse 3X is $9,395 and is shipping now.