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Roger Shah Meditation Released in Auro-3D

Roger Shah’s newest artist album, titled Music for Meditation, Yoga & Any Other Wellbeing Moments, is set to be released on Pure Audio Blu-Ray and in Auro-3D.

Roger Shah’s reputation in the international electronic dance music (EDM) scene spans over 20 years, having worked with and produced for some of the world’s biggest artists such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Sarah McLachlan, and Moya Brennan, and others. 

Shah’s newest artist album, titled Music for Meditation, Yoga & Any Other Wellbeing Moments, is set to be released on Pure Audio Blu-Ray and in Auro-3D. It will be the first album containing meditational music released in Auro-3D.

The Auro-3D mix creates a three-dimensional soundscape provided by the addition of a height layer that produces sound in front, above, and all around the listener.

The album contains atmospheric and ambient music, customized for Auro-3D, a listening format that delivers the most naturally immersive sound experience available today. The album will be a collection of musical pieces carefully produced to fit Roger Shah’s name and brand. The fusion of orchestral instruments, combined with warm synth pads and plucks, world music instruments and hybrid electronic sounds, all in Auro-3D, will surely lift audiences to their highest emotions.

Roger Shah is a 20-year music industry pioneer and a five-time awarded veteran of the DJ Magazine Top 100 poll. 

“I am excited by the heightened emotional experience of listening to my music in Auro-3D,” said Shah. “The Auro 9.1 mix truly creates an immersive feeling of sound and makes the true intention of the album come out. The meditational music I produced gets elevated perfectly from the Auro-3D format and I can’t wait for my audience to experience meditational music on such an enhanced level.”

“Having a renowned artist such as Roger Shah releasing his album in Auro-3D, is yet another accomplishment to be proud of,” said Wilfried Van Baelen, inventor of the Auro-3D format and CEO of Auro Technologies. “The meditational music of his newest album and Auro-3D are the perfect match. Never before has such music been able to provide this kind of an ultimate relaxing feeling.”

The Auro-3D format is or will soon be available in many consumer applications, with mobile, automotive, and gaming versions all bringing a new immersive and true 3D sound to the market very soon. 

Chief Sound Engineer Patrick Lemmens at Galaxy Studios, Belgium, created the Auro-3D mix. Patrick was also responsible for the Auro 9.1 mix of the award-winning ‘Lichtmond 3’ album.

Music for Meditation, Yoga & Any Other Wellbeing Moments will be released on Pure Audio BluRay by Black Hole Recordings in Stereo, 5.1 Surround and 9.1 Auro-3D, all in 24bit/96kHz. It will become available as of April 15 through all major retail channels including, and

The album serves as the second Auro-3D Blu-Ray release by Black Hole Recordings, after having set a standard with the release of Elements of Life by Tiësto in Auro’s three-dimensional format.