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Roon Labs Launches Roon Core, 1.2 Update

Roon Labs has released update 1.2 to its proprietary networked audio software and launched its Roon Core program.

Roon Labs has released update 1.2 to its proprietary networked audio software. The update adds Roon Remote for iPhone and Android Phones for more flexible control options. The update also coincides with the launch of the Roon Core partner program, which places the Roon Core software functions into partner devices so that server companies can offer a turnkey Roon experience.

Roon Core server partners will join Roon Ready networked DAC partners in offering a wide range of options to utilize the power and flexibility of networked audio.The Roon Core is the central brain of the users’ Roon system, but the Roon browsing and control interface can be run remotely on Macs, PC’s, iPads, and Android tablets.

Roon Labs CEO, Enno Vandermeer commented on the flexibility of Roon software, “For many customers, the journey of building and managing a computer audio system is a hobby that they enjoy, but for others, working through the challenges of making an ideal computer audio system is an obstacle to enjoying music. The Roon Core program means that these customers can leave the technology to others and have an off-the-shelf experience of Roon from trusted partners.” 

Roon Bridge is a background application that can be installed on any PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, or Linux computer. Once installed, it locates all of the audio outputs on the device and connects them to the Roon Core so they are available as Network Zones in Roon.

“Roon is a powerful multi-room music platform, and as you start to use Roon while moving around the home, controlling it from a phone is essential. With the 1.2 release and Roon Remote for phones, users have even more flexibility,” concluded Vandermeer.