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Roon Labs Partners With ProSource to Drive Adoption of Roon App

ProSource and Roon Labs have formed a partnership to drive market adoption of the Roon Labs player app.

ProSource and Roon Labs have formed a partnership to drive market adoption of the Roon Labs player app. Roon Labs aims to provide the richest possible experience for music lovers to explore, discover, and listen to music. The guiding design principle behind Roon is to put the music itself front and center, so successful design means that the user interface all but disappears. 

Roon Labs’ application brings both streaming content and personal music files under one control and management system. Additionally, Roon can stream to and control all Airplay, Sonos, and Roon-Ready network devices.

“Roon is a great experience for anyone who loves music,” said ProSource member Rob Marcoccia, sales and design manager at World Wide Stereo. “The software allows you to explore music in a way that most people think, not via the arbitrary structure of a software engineer. You can start off by reading the biography of an artist to find out who his or her influences are. You can also explore groups or people who you may have never heard of, or look at the credit on an album for more information on artists’ biographies. From a hardware standpoint, I can mix and match what I play my music on and I can access all my music in the kitchen, family room and my office from a single interface.”

“Since our inception, Roon Labs has built a successful base of Roon-Ready and Roon-Tested hardware partners,” said Steve Silberman, vice president of sales and marketing at Roon. “Going forward, we want to deliver Roon Labs and our hardware partners to the best retailers and integrators across the domestic market. We see partnering with ProSource as a brilliant step, because it introduces Roon Labs to a talented segment of A/V professionals.”

Roon Labs recently launched a partner portal site where retailers and integrators alike can register to become a Roon Labs channel partner. By joining, partners are entitled to complimentary licenses for their business as well as for employees, giving every partner the opportunity to use Roon at work and in their homes.