RoseWater Updates Residential Energy Management Hub

Energy Management And Storage Unit Features Simplified Innovation
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Rosewater Energy Group has announced forthcoming updates to its Residential Energy Management Hub.

The Hub features a new communications panel with a micro-computer to unify communications and add code space for custom algorithms. The added panel enables RoseWater Energy Group engineers to directly reach the Hub and remotely program updates into the system from the engineering lab at Alpha Technologies. Additionally, the inner-bay wiring has been reorganized to provide each wire a unique place to reside on the added raceway. The raceway provides knockouts for PV wiring into the plant with an added RJ45 connector for house networking on the outside of the Hub. OpticsRW, featured at CEDIA EXPO 2015, is available in full capacity to all Hub owners to provide additional software to monitor the use and storage of the Residential Energy Management Hub.

“With the recent number of Residential Energy Management Hub installs, we knew how important it was to provide our customers with remote updates to the Hub,” said Joe Piccirilli, managing director and chief executive officer for RoseWater Energy Group. “We want the Hub to enhance users’ lifestyle by providing them with piece of mind in a home with valuable electronics. The new update to the Residential Energy Management Hub will be on display at CEDIA EXPO 2016 for attendees to view first-hand.”