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RTI Names New CEO

Company CFO Mark Derus named as the company's chief executive officer.

Mark Derus, newly appointed CEO of RTI.

RTI has announced the appointment of Mark Derus as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO). Derus will focus on driving business growth globally and expanding the company’s commercial market presence. He will continue to build on the initiatives RTI has successfully implemented over the past three years, including new policies such as a three-year warranty, robust training programs, and the creation of a global Dealer Experience team. With the solid groundwork laid by these initiatives, former CEO, Ed McConaghay, has decided it was time for a leadership transition and will remain in an advisory role.

“Mark has an extensive background in leading technology-driven companies, combined with finance and business development expertise,” says Kevin Marty, chief technology officer and co-founder, RTI. “His track record of leadership at RTI and other successful companies made Mark the obvious choice to take over the CEO role.”

Performing as the chief financial officer (CFO) at RTI since 2017, Derus has a long history of successfully executing business strategy, leading mergers and acquisitions, partnering with key businesses, and guiding companies through overall business growth. With an extensive background in technology, finance, and accounting, he has held the title of CFO, as well as other executive positions, for NetSPI, Quantum Retail Technology, Spanlink Communications/ ConvergeOne, IDeaS Revenue Optimization, and Visual Circuits.

“As a team, our focus is on being the best control solution for professional integrators. Over the past couple years, we’ve made big strides to accomplish this goal,” says Derus. “Moving forward, we will continue to innovate by listening to our customers’ needs and work hard to provide them with world-class products and support.”

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