RTI, Pro Control Announce April Distributor Trainings

Opportunities Allow Attendees to Learn Custom Automation, Control Programming
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RTI and its sub-division, Pro Control, have announced their April distributor training opportunities. Part of the company’s Advanced Control University (ACU), RTI and Pro Control training events will offer dealers programming expertise to deploy control and automation solutions to grow their businesses.

“Education and proper training are what give integrators the edge in today’s competitive environment,” said Mike Everett, vice president of global sales for RTI and Pro Control. “These training events at our distributor locations give us the opportunity to show dealers how RTI and Pro Control solutions allow them to solve technology challenges for their clients. After all, it is their knowledge and expertise that their clients depend on.”

Volutone locations across California and Las Vegas will also offer training on RTI, while some locations will also include an introduction to Pro Control. In addition, attendees will learn more about the Z-Wave Lighting Suite from RTI. All sessions start at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4 p.m.

Volutone training dates:

April 18, Simi Valley, CA

April 19, Van Nuys, CA

April 20, Ontario, CA

April 21, Las Vegas, NV

April 25, San Diego, CA

April 26, Irvine, CA

April 27, Cerritos, CA

SFM Marketing also held two training sessions on April 4 in Toronto. Addressing a variety of levels, they included an “Intro to Pro Control and RTI Programing” that introduced dealers to Pro Control and RTI products and programming, as well as an “Advanced RTI Programming” course, which dug deeper into many of the standout features of RTI’s capabilities.