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RTI Releases Mobotix Door Station Driver

RTI has released a two-way driver for the Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station.

RTI has released a two-way driver for the Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station. The new driver, developed by Mobotix, permits two-way audio and video communication with RTI’s intercom-enabled user interfaces without requiring any downloads.

“With the integration of Mobotix, RTI dealers can incorporate the video and voice capabilities of Mobotix’s door stations into their customer’s control and automation experience,” said Mike Everett, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas, RTI. “The ability to easily see and respond to visitors at the door is a great feature to offer clients, providing them with additional security and convenience.”

The Mobotix T25 IP Video Door Station provides two-way video from anywhere in the world with no blind spots, recording with sound, keyless access, an integrated message function, and door release via peripheral devices. The new two-way driver integrates the T25’s audio via SIP-based VoIP, and video via MJPEG streaming with RTI’s video-intercom-enabled user interfaces, including the KX3, KX7, and KX10 in-wall touchpanels; CX7 countertop/under-cabinet touchpanel; and T3x remote control. The result is convenient monitoring and interaction via video intercom with the Mobotix T25 door station from one device. 

“The integration of the T25 with RTI interfaces brings together our expertise in security with RTI’s leadership in control and automation,” said Hunter Fort, national business development manager for Mobotix. “The results of the new driver are exactly what our dealers and partners are looking for: smooth integration and powerful control.”