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Runco Adds LCDs to Growing Line

Runco’s renaissance continues with additions to its Crystal Portfolio series of LCD displays–the CX-42HD, CX-OPAL42, CX-55HD, CX-OPAL55, and CX-OPAL65. which pair Runco’s video processing and OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology.

These new displays join Runco’s three other CrystalPortfolio LCD displays, four PlasmaWall displays, and four CinemaWall plasmas.

Each new flat-panel display features native 1920 x 1080 performance, as well as Runco’s Vivix digital video processing technology. Engineered with ISF calibration standards for optimal video performance in any room, day or night, the new Crystal Portfolio LCDs feature advanced TFT active-matrix LCDs and include Runco’s discrete aspect ratio control with VirtualWide mode to fill the 16:9 screen with standard 4:3 images without loss of picture quality.

Also included are discrete source, aspect ratio and power selection and a RS-232 interface to work seamlessly with automated control and system integration.

OPAL is a combination of a proprietary panel application and enhancements. In rooms with high-ambient light, OPAL diminishes the diffused reflections to avoid uneven and scattered light that can cause soft or washed-out images. Runco’s OPAL also increases image sharpness by reducing glare and increasing measured contrast ratio by more than three times that of standard flat panels.

All Runco displays feature a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty. Runco RedCarpet extended options are also available.

The CX-42HD is shipping with a $3,495 MSRP; the CX-OPAL42 will ship in November with a $4,495 MSRP; the CX-55HD I shipping with a $7,995 MSRP; CX-OPAL55 ships in November with a $9,995 MSRP; and the CX-OPAL65 is shipping with a $17,995 MSRP.