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Runco Goes ‘Lampless’ with New Projectors

At CEDIA, Runco is going “lampless” with its new Q-750i and Q-750d projectors, which utilize LED light sources.

Getting incredible performance out of LED-based projection system is challenging and simply cannot be accomplished without considerable investment. Runco made the development of its Q-750i and Q-750d a primary focus for its engineering and design teams and worked closely with Texas Instruments to evolve the technology. From there, Runco engineers maximized the benefits of lampless LED products, to yield 70 percent less energy use, no color wheel to repair, replace, or discard, and incorporating other new technologies of its own to achieve what the company says is “superior performance” from its Q-750i and Q-750d projectors.

Unlike any other LED product, Runco’s Q-750i and Q-750d feature proprietary coding to deliver what the company says is the widest color gamut ever available in consumer front projection. This color gamut, which includes DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative), Adobe RGB, sRGB, REC 709, and REC 601, includes all the color standards that allow exact reproduction of HD movies, television, and games to achieve amazing color reproduction perfect for any home theater projection application. The Q-750i and Q-750d are also the FIRST to offer Adobe RGB gamut to properly view digital photography (for professional graphic design, photography, printing or home use) in a range of colors never before attainable from any projector.

In addition, Runco says it is the first and only manufacturer to allow independent color correction, with its Personal Color Equalizer (Runco PCE). Runco’s PCE allows for oversampling and a more dynamic range as the settings are perfectly dialed by a Runco installer to meet every client’s preference. Once set, an internal color sensor adjusts the color to the applied settings every time it is turned on. In true Runco fashion, the Q-750i are Q-750d projectors offer multiple settings for each input to allow installers to create a truly custom projection experience for each user, for each source.