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Runco Makes Foray into LCD

Runco is adding an entirely new lineup of flat-panel LCD displays to its product family.

Union City, CA–Runco International is adding an entirely new lineup of flat-panel LCD displays to its digital video product offerings.

Runco Internationals new Crystal Series of LCD flat panels includes three models: the CR-26HD, CR-32HD, and CR-40HD. Each features a 16:9 screen (1366 x 768 native resolution) in sizes of 26-, 32-, and 40-inch, respectively.

We gave the first look at our Crystal Series LCD displays at CES 2005, and the positive response from our dealers and reps has been absolutely overwhelming, said Bob Hana, president of Runco International. Since then, each member of Runco has put in tremendous effort toward perfecting the
balance between power and style that make our products the sought-after luxury standard. We are also offering our dealers the same great support program that backs all of our quality products. With the addition of the Crystal Series, Runco dealers now have palette of video products at their
fingertips representing the highest quality and broadest variety available today.

According to Runco, the three new panels ensure seamless integration in nearly any setting by utilizing Runcos industrial design, as well as including a wide array of connections that allow function with todays advanced signal sources. Runco has incorporated the Imaging Science Foundations (ISF) calibration standards to ensure a quality picture in any viewing environment, as well as its own benchmark ViViX image processing technology, which enhances even standard video programming to virtual high-definition.

Each LCD is also capable of switching between picture-in-picture (PIP) and picture-on-picture (POP) modes.

CR-26HD MSRP: $2,495
CR-32HD MSRP: $4,995
CR-40HD MSRP: $6,995

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