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Russound Looks to Curb Unauthorized Sales

The company has set up a warning system to battle the unauthorized sale of its products.

Las Vegas, NV–Russound is stepping up efforts to support its network of authorized distributors and dealers by investing significant resources to battle sales of the company’s products through unauthorized channels.

“One of the best ways we can support our friends in the business is to shut down any entity that threatens the integrity of the Russound brand,” said Joe Brouillet, Russound’s CEO. “We’re working diligently every day to prevent unauthorized sales of our products. Our policies have been made public and clearly communicated to all channel partners. It is our responsibility to protect our loyal dealers and the Russound brand from abuse and negative experiences that accompany unauthorized sales.”

In addition to working with outside organizations to identify and pursue offenders, Russound recently announced to its customer base that authorized dealers caught engaging in unauthorized sales activities will first receive a warning. If a second violation occurs within 12 months, Russound will terminate its relationship with the dealer, and possibly pursue additional fines and punishments.

Added Brouillet: “All of us in the consumer electronics industry are painfully aware of the negative effects unauthorized sales have on our brands and our customers. It’s up to us to take an aggressive approach and see this brought under control. We value our Authorized Dealers who provide the value added services that ensure a positive Russound experience.”