Russound Teams Up with Ihiji for Remote Monitoring, Management Capabilities

Allows Customers to Identify, Solve Potential Issues
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Russound is now a part of Ihiji’s Vendor Insights Program (VIP), enabling Russound dealers to develop recurring revenue by tapping into Ihiji’s remote monitoring capabilities.

Through Ihiji’s monitoring system, Russound dealers will be able to monitor device health, update device configurations using Russound’s browser-based configuration tool, WebConfig, and perform firmware updates.

“By partnering with Ihiji, we give our customers an incredible option for enabling simple remote system access and monitoring that allows them to re-configure and troubleshoot Russound internet-connected systems from wherever they happen to be, and without needing to roll a truck or schedule a service call for common tasks,” said Charlie Porritt, CEO, Russound. “Offering this benefit allows our customers to step up the level of service they can offer to their clients. It’s a proven, powerful tool.”

The company’s Device Visibility Protocol (DVP) gives dealers the power to dig into the platform’s analytics when remotely reviewing system performance and status.

“We are pleased to announce Russound as our latest VIP partner,” said Stuart Rench, CEO of Ihiji. “Russound is helping lead its products into the future through remote support, data insights and analytics that will benefit their company, customers and dealers.”

Ihiji VIP and DVP are designed specifically for original equipment manufacturers who are looking for ways to expand data tracking of their products.