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Sale Won’t Affect Fujitsu General America

Fujitsu Limited's impending sale of assets in Fujitsu-Hitachi Plasma Inc. will not affect Fujitsu General Americas core business.

Fairfield, NJ–Fujitsu Limited’s impending sale of assets in Fujitsu-Hitachi Plasma (FHP) will not affect Fujitsu General Americas core business, the company has stated.

Tedd Rozylowicz, president and COO of Fujitsu General America, stated, The sale of Fujitsu LTDs assets in FHP to Hitachi will have absolutely no effect on Fujitsu General America and its ability to provide finished products all over the world. First of all, the AVM technology that we use in our plasma display panels is not part of this transaction, and we have no plans to sell this core technology. The partnership between Hitachi and Fujitsu Ltd. is strictly related to the glass component, and does not mean that we have benefited from any special relationship in terms of pricing or raw materials sourced from FHP.

Rozylowicz added that, as in the past, Fujitsu General America will continue to purchase glass components and other raw materials for its products from the company or companies that offer the highest quality products at the best prices, including FHP. “We remain committed to providing the American market with industry-leading plasma display products and we will continue to be a viable entity for finished goods products for years to come, setting quality and performance standards regardless of where we source our raw materials.