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Samsung’s The Wall Joins The CEDIA Designer

Enables integrators to quickly design complicated luxury living spaces.

Samsung’s The Wall — the world’s first consumer modular MicroLED 146-inch display — is available now in home theater design software, The CEDIA Designer (TCD), allowing integrators to confidently design technically accurate luxury living spaces using Samsung’s line of MicroLED displays. “The Wall” will be included in the software’s Luxury Living room category that is accessible only to TCD users at the Cinema Room Pro account level.

TCD software allows home cinema professionals to design any luxury living space in minutes using Samsung’s new line of MicroLED products. TCD calculates and produces in minutes what would take an experienced cinema designer weeks to complete, quickly specifying the precise location of The Wall’s modular components and all other cinema and media room equipment, while eliminating product choices and configurations that aren’t compatible.

Moving away from conventional, flat panel LCD screens and traditional projection, Samsung’s next generation LED displays aim to provide consumers with an immersive visual experience that is larger than life, in the form of a modular, super-sized MicroLED display.

The use of MicroLEDs aside, the benefits of utilizing The Wall present many advantages to high-end dealers, including its durability and maintenance (100,000 hour lifespan), a modular configuration for custom size requirements, and an intra-frame contrast ratio of 10,000:1 at bright — infinite at dark, allowing for “true black” representation, whereas most projectors have a contrast ratio of 2500:1.

Using TCD, integrators can design a room using The Wall in a modular configuration up to 219 inches, with IF Series displays available up to 260 inches. The software simplifies the complexity of the design and allows integrators to quickly and confidently design, producing a comprehensive and technically accurate luxury living space design, full project documentation, 3D room CADs, install guidelines, technical reference manuals, and how-to-build guides for use on-site.

When designing any home theater or media room, compromises are always made. MicroLED is no exception to the compromise, which revolves around center channel audio. Due to how these are built, neither placing the speakers behind the screen, nor building a speaker within the display are possible. Thus, creative audio solutions are required to provide accurate center channel audio.

TCD’s speaker placement algorithm navigates the challenges presented by the use of MicroLED, walking the integrator through the step-by-step process of finding a loudspeaker setup that will provide effective audio for the room. In this scenario, TCD’s ideal speaker placement algorithm allows the integrator to specify a center channel above or below the screen, in-ceiling partnering with left and rights either side of screen, and specifies the recommended location for all audio components.

Based on the room dimensions entered by the integrator, TCD will not allow the user to specify a modular configuration that is too large for the room.

Panel placement, power, heating, and ventilation are further important design and installation considerations when installing The Wall, which is a 4 x 4 configuration, totaling 16 panels. The overall size is 3225.6mm (127 inches) high, 1814.4mm (71.4 inches) wide, and 72.5mm (3 inches) deep [for The Wall Pro model]. Weighing 198.8 kg (440.5 lbs.) between the display and cabinet, the dimensions and weight of The Wall are substantial.

The Wall utilizes 16 individual MicroLED panels, each of which produce heat. Combined, they create a measurable amount of heat that must be accounted for in the installation. This includes minimum distances from the ceiling to the top of the display and from the floor to the bottom of the display.

TCD takes into account the power, ventilation and thermal requirement considerations created by any combination of modular panels, giving sufficient consideration to airflow gaps at the top and bottom of the displays.

Integrators are required to create a TCD account to start designing luxury living spaces that incorporate The Wall and Samsung’s IF Series. Visit TCD’s website for more info on TCD’s subscription options and pricing. CEDIA member dealers have free access to TCD’s Media Room software (a $650 value) as a benefit of membership, while members also receive substantial discounts on the other usage tiers.

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