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Savant Acquires Cary Christie’s Artison Audio Brand

Savant has acquired Artison, the audio products manufacturer based in Minden, NV.

Savant has acquired Artison, the audio products manufacturer based in Minden, NV. Artison has earned a reputation for delivering high-performance whole-house audio and home theater solutions that merge elegant, unobtrusive aesthetics with exceptionally detailed sound quality. The acquisition enables Savant to leverage Artison’s key patents and audio engineering expertise toward future entertainment technologies. 

Artison was founded by engineer Cary Christie in 2003 and has demonstrated an ongoing culture of innovation in the architectural loudspeaker and subwoofer categories. Artison holds a number of patents related to advanced speaker technologies, and is also scheduled to release a compact multi-channel amplifier technology later this year. Artison currently offers a full line of specialty loudspeakers with customizable grilles, including sound bars, subwoofers, and surrounds for home theater applications.

This acquisition will expand Savant’s Pro Audio offering, allowing integrators to deliver audio over IP solutions. “With Savant and Artison working cohesively together, we will unveil exciting new products engineered specifically for the luxury home and commercial markets,” stated Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “As the demand for premium home entertainment solutions continues to climb, we will now have the capacity to offer best-in-class audio solutions as part of the Savant connected home experience.” 

“Myself and the Artison team are excited for the opportunity to join the Savant family,” Christie said. “We look forward to driving new product initiatives at Savant, working toward the design, engineering and delivery of truly innovative, superior performance entertainment and control products.” 

Larry Abrams, technical director for Audio Interiors, is an integrator who has experience selling both brands. “During my decades in the AV Industry I have seen many new products. Both Savant and Artison continue to amaze me by developing new products that are both great and innovative,” he said. “Savant was the first company to embrace the iPad/iPhone while others were still trying to ignore it, and their user interface is always a focus of their product developments, never an afterthought. Artison created the first low-profile subwoofer that lets me enjoy architectural sound, and their use of Line Array Drivers allows concert recordings to sound like an actual concert. I can’t wait to find out what this synergy will produce.”

This announcement is a marked departure from news swirling around the Savant brand a little over a year ago when the company’s Savant Remote direct-to-consumer product failed to catch on. Since that time, Madonna has returned as CEO, refocusing Savant’s product development team and stabilizing the company’s finances.

“Savant had a little bit of a hiccup a little more than a year ago, but we are completely back on track,” Madonna said. “Look at all of the product we’re producing—video over IP, audio over IP, one of the best implementations of Alexa, our brand-new shades line, and now our audio-over-IP coupled with Artison speakers—and we have the financial strength to acquire companies. We’re producing high-quality products and our dealers are excited about what we’re doing.”