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Savant Dubs New Interface ‘TrueImage’

After having unveiled the concept for its new control interface over the summer, Savant Systems has now given its creation a name. TrueImage Control, as it is now called, uses capacitive glass technology to enable iPhone-like GestureTouch navigation anywhere in the home.

It is available in Savant’s line of ROSIE In-Wall and Tabletop Touch Panels.

TrueImage technology has been designed to give fingertip control via a tap on a wide-angle image of each room in a home. Each touch allows a user to dim and turn on/off lights, lower or raise shades, or turn on/off audio and video components. Instead of interacting with icons, TrueImage allows a homeowner to touch the actual light or shade in that room. The light in the room then turns on or dims (if you press and hold the represented light), and it also illuminates on the touch panel to confirm the command.

According to Savant, TrueImage Control features can be activated after professionally shot images of each room are loaded into the ROSIE control platform. As an example, the homeowner can employ a swiping action to the screen, resulting in the images of each room “rolling” across the display until the desired image appears.

One room of the residence can be designated the “master” image, while all other rooms remain visible in a scroll box across the bottom of the screen that can be “gestured” left or right, much like using an iPhone.

TrueImage Control technology will be available on Savant’s line of In-wall and Tabletop Touch Panels in the fourth quarter of 2009.