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Savant Ships Wi-Fi Remote Control

Savant Systems, LLC is now shipping the Wi-Fi-based Savant Universal Remote to authorized dealers.

Savant Systems, LLC is now shipping the Wi-Fi-based Savant Universal Remote to authorized dealers.

This sleek new $399 solution has been designed for the modern media room, providing control of an entire audio/video system along with connected devices such as distributed audio, lighting, climate control and other features within a residential or commercial setting. Similar to Savant’s existing user interface options, the Savant Universal Remote is self-configuring once connected to the network, eliminating the complex programming associated with competitive products.

According to Savant, the new universal remote expands the brand’s presence in the growing connected home marketplace with a versatile and affordable Wi-Fi-based solution that is ideal for full- featured, value-oriented control packages.

The Savant Universal Remote supports a menu of screens for controlling services throughout the home or workplace, and because it utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity, users can control devices without pointing or aiming—no direct line of sight is required.

“Wi-Fi is the worldwide standard for residential and commercial wireless networking, and this new remote will affordably deliver the control capabilities our customers want by leveraging the network that already exists in their home or business,” explained Savant’s executive vice president of corporate strategy and business development, Jim Carroll.

The Savant Universal Remote features a 1.7-inch color display and backlit buttons, which clearly illuminate essential navigation keys. The Savant Universal Remote has an ergonomic design that fits in the hand, featuring a customizable color display and a full complement of hard buttons for frequently used functions.

Features include two-way feedback from supported devices and transport buttons enabling users to navigate Savant’s TrueCommand on-screen navigation technology. When used within a Savant control ecosystem, the Savant Universal Remote is capable of two-way Wi-Fi communication, giving users control of intelligent devices and subsystems from anywhere in the house or facility. If the Savant Universal Remote becomes lost or damaged, no programming is required to activate a replacement—simply log the new remote onto the network and full functionality will automatically be restored. Savant authorized integrators can also upload feature changes and firmware updates remotely, adding value for users while enhancing overall efficiency.