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Screen Innovations Appoints Braithwaite as CTO

New Hire is the Former ClearOne Senior VP

Screen Innovations (SI) has appointed Michael J. Braithwaite as its new chief technology officer. Based in Austin, TX, Braithwaite boasts extensive experience in intellectual property, IT development and technological enhancements, consumer electronics, and AV Infrastructure standards.

Additionally, he has authored 58 U.S. and international patents and patents-pending and has gained recognition for a 25-year career of being a visionary and innovator, leading professional audio and consumer electronics industries.

His most recent position was with ClearOne where he held positions as senior vice president of multimedia streaming, and chief strategy officer.

During his career he also served as chairman for the Consumer Electronics Association’s R10 working group technical committees and on the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF), and the Avnu Alliance marketing and technical committees to promote Audio Video Bridging (AVB). He also co-authored the ANSI/CEA-2030 AV Infrastructure standard as well as worked on ANSI/CTA/CEDIA-863-B, CTA/CEDIA-CEB17-A, CTA/CEDIA-CEB23-B.

Commenting on the appointment, Ryan Gustafson, CEO and founder of SI said, “Michael is an industry icon and a strong leader who will help SI completely change the world in an even more powerful way 1, 3, 5, and 10 years from now. Michael is a visionary and his passion to see around the corner will continue propel SI’s growth into the future.”