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SE2 Labs ITC One

The Integrated Home Theater Console (ITC One) is a fully integrated, one-box home entertainment solution. With each unit, custom installers or end users design a personalized system from the SE2 website that can include a Microsoft X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii, DirecTV, High-Def Tivo, Dish Network DVR, national cable providers DVR, AMX Netlinx control system, a digital surround processor, Bryston Pre-Amp processor, IcePower D-Class amplifiers, video processor, front touchpanel, and Apple Video iPod with dock.

To provide a complete home theater setup, SE2 Labs has also partnered with some industry manufacturers, including Vidikron and Triad, to sell the ITC One as a package alongside good, better, best speakers, projectors, and screens. The ITC One will be sold through custom installer dealers starting at an MSRP of $19,900.

SE2 Labs ITC One is the brainchild of Michael Pyle, a creative problem solver with more than 12 years experience in high-end home theater and control integration. A true pioneer of ultra high-end home theaters, Pyle co-founded A/V installation firm Aurant, well known for designing some of the most sophisticated home integration systems imaginable. Pyle has spent years researching and specializing in intuitive user interfaces. He has more than a decade of experience selling and installing successful luxury CE brands.

We are very excited to introduce the ITC One to the market, Pyle said. For the past three years, weve devoted ourselves to developing the industrys first true turn-key home theater system. We are confident both custom installers and end users will agree weve accomplished that goal. With stunning industrial design, world-class performance, superb value and ease of use, the ITC One is sure to astound even the most critical aficionado.

Each ITC One is then built and shipped within days. The following components can be included: Microsoft X-Box 360, X-Box 360 HD DVD Player, Nintendo Wii, DirecTV, High-Def Tivo, Dish Network DVR, national cable providers DVR, including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Cable and many more, AMX Netlinx Control System, High-End Digital Surround Processor, Bryston Pre-Amp Processor with full digital outputs, IcePower High-End D-Class Amplifiers, High-End Video Processor, Front Touchpanel Screen, Apple Video iPod with Dock, proprietary Remote Control, Power Conditioning, Transparent Cabling and Cable Harness and an Anti-Noise and Vibration System all designed to work together from an elegant, compact box.

A patented cooling system maximizes the effects of induction to keep circuitry cool, while four silent high-powered fans keep internal temperatures low. This is a significant advantage in cooling over other setups, where internal temperatures often rise to dangerous levels. A built-in thermostat control and temperature gauge rounds out the cooling system.

An advanced mechanical isolation system protects the ITC Ones circuitry from airborne and mechanical vibration and keeps internal noises from escaping (like a hard drives or transport). A sophisticated power conditioning system is pre-installed. Cable connections are recessed into the chassis, so you can push the unit against a wall without straining cable connections. The rear panel has lacing straps for wire management and stress relief.

Finally, the remote control for the ITC One is in a different league, with innovations like color volume feedback, remote locator beeper and RF communication. It is ergonomically designed and easy to operate. Buttons light up automatically in the dark when the unit senses movement. Each remote is tested before shipping with that individual system.

With 11 patents, the ITC One is the only high-end all-in-one home entertainment system of its kind on the market today.