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Shipping News: ATON’s First DIGI-5 Audio Products

Manufacturer's solution is first to use new digital technology route audio signals over Cat-5.

Lexington, KY — ATON has begun shipping the industrys very first products utilizing DIGI-5 technology — the DH44/DH46X digital audio routers and their accompanying DHTP1 amplified touchpads. These products are designed to set new standards for affordable, plug-and-play audio distribution with no signal loss, leveraging the new technology of the DIGI-5 platform.

ATONs DIGI-5 audio distribution solution exceeds the quality of existing analog over CAT 5 audio topologies by converting every signal to a digital one,” said Bob Williams, ATONs general manager. “DIGI-5 creates a seamless mix of intelligent design supporting state-of-the-art Direct Digital Amplification (DDX) that literally splits the amplifiers functions between the master hub and each of the systems zones for high efficiency and quality sound. The DIGI-5 infrastructure, developed collectively by the Linear Home Technology Group, will be cropping up in other manufacturers products over the next year, and as a recent addition to the Linear Home Technology Group we are especially proud to be the first to market with our DH44, DH46X and DHTP1 products, all which utilize DIGI-5 Technology.”

Splitting amplifier functions is a solution for increasing performance while limiting amplifier noise and signal degradation. That means the amplifier interface is located with the source inputs and power conditioning, while the actual power or amplifying stage is located in each zone where it is directly wired to the speaker allowing for more power at the listing point. Because DIGI-5 literally places a power amplifier in each zone, the amplifier to speaker run is never more than a few feet long with zero signal degradation. That, in conjunction with a pure digital signal maintained system-wide, contributes to cleaner sound that is usually the domain of expensive Class A amplifiers.

ATONs DIGI-5 products will be shipping mid-August including the DH44 Digital Audio Router (MSRP $799) DH46X Expansion Router (MSRP $699), DHTP1 Digital Amplified Touchpad (MSRP $199), and the DHSIP Source Input Wallplate (MSRP $129). All ATON DIGI-5 routers and support products including the renowned Musician Tuned Storm Speaker Series will be available for hands-on use demos at CEDIA EXPO 2008 September 4-7 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.