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Shipping Update: ATs In-Wall Sub Now Available

IWTS-8eSUB THX Ultra-certified in-wall subwoofer now available.

Norwood, MA–Atlantic Technology is now shipping its IWTS-8eSUB (In-Wall Theater System), a THX Ultra certified in-wall subwoofer system that is designed to deliver the highest level of in-wall bass reproduction the company has ever offered.

Atlantic Technology’s IWTS-8eSUB subwoofer module in cabinetThe IWTS-8e subwoofer system replaces the company’s previous in-wall Sub 8, which broke new ground in 2001 as the first system designed for standard 2×4 studded wall cavities to meet THX’s stringent Ultra certification standards. The new system benefits from improved cabinet and baffle design, as well as a new outboard amplifier that is smaller, simpler to set-up, and more powerful than its predecessor.

The Atlantic Technology IWTS-8e subwoofer system consists of three main components, designed to accommodate the typical construction process of a home theater installation.During the initial build phase, the IN-BOX-8e in-wall enclosure is installed before the sheetrock goes on. Once the structural build is completed, the dual woofer 8e Sub woofer module is quickly installed in the enclosure at floor level, and the SA-380 subwoofer amplifier is added to the component rack, providing the high-current amplification to drive the system. The individual IWTS-8e subwoofer system components can be sourced as a complete package, or separately to simplify stocking for installers.

The heart of the IWTS-8e subwoofer system is the 8e Sub module, which employs dual 8-inch long-throw woofers to provide the same effective piston area as a 12-inch woofer, but with increased control, lower distortion, and a shallower installation depth. The unique drivers feature stiff, well-dampened CCMG (Coated Composite Molded Graphite) cones with exceptionally sturdy concave dustcaps for tight and linear reproduction even at very high output levels. The eight-pound motor assembly and two-inch vented multi-layer voice coils are oversized for high-SPL performance all the way down to 20Hz (+/- 3 dB, typical in-room response). New for the 8e subwoofer module is an advanced baffle coating called RDT (Resonance Dampening Treatment), which suppresses baffle resonance for improved detail and articulation.

The THX Ultra certified SA-380 class AB power amplifier represents the most significant change to the Sub-8e system, with an increased power output of 380 watts, improved performance, and simpler setup when compared with the previous model. In addition to the power increase, the amplifier also benefits from a refined servo-control circuit that reduces distortion, particularly at high output levels. With a single-unit (1u) rack-height, it takes up a minimum of rack space. Front panel controls include a two-position phase control and level adjustment, including a THX Level click-stop.

The Atlantic Technology IWTS-8eSUB system is currently available at a price of $2,200 for the complete system. Individual component pricing is also available.

The SA-380 amplifier