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Shipping Update: dnp’s Supernova Epic Screen is Available

ISF-certified technology now offered in curved screen format.

Costa Mesa, CA–dnp denmark Supernova Epic Screen is now shipping. Designed to be used in high-end, dedicated home theaters, the new Supernova Epic Screen is designed to provide uncompromised widescreen reproduction of movies in all aspect ratios displaying superior high-contrast images in 100-percent neutral color.

Maintaining a constant image height as in a movie theater, the Supernova Epics motorized masking system is fully adjustable from closed to 2.40:1 settings delivering the ultimate viewing experience for even the most demanding videophile.

The Supernova Epic provides consumers with the absolute best in home theater solutions, said Manfred Freiberger, senior account manager for dnp USA. The Epic Screen integrates the benefits of our unique Supernova Screen technology with the advantages of a concave design to provide the ultimate image quality. Additionally, our motorized masking system deals elegantly with films of every available aspect ratio. Our dealers can now offer a premium solution for those who demand the very best. In fact we are so eager for people to see and experience the extraordinary benefits of the Supernova Epic for themselves, that we are offering our dealers a special demo pricing program featuring substantial savings and generous terms beginning March 1 through June 30. They are cordially invited to contact me personally for details.

The Supernova Epic Screen has succeeded in bringing a true cinematic experience into the home. It offers the flexibility to beautifully display all formats from 4:3 to ultra-wide 2.40:1 Cinemascope with enhanced resolution, contrast and 100% color accuracy. When used with a projector with an anamorphic lens, the Supernova Epic maintains full image height and unwanted black bars on the top and bottom of the screen are eliminated.

Just as in a real movie theater, the Supernova Epics electronically controlled curtains glide silently into place, masking the unused portions of the screen while maintaining constant image height. And when the film is over, the curtains glide fully closed. Additionally, the Supernova Epic features a perfectly curved screen surface that enhances the perceived depth and uniformity of the image. The result: a high-quality, dynamic viewing experience, day or night.

Created using award-winning Supernova Screen technology, the Supernova Epic features high-contrast filters that enable the projected image to be optimally reflected from the screen. With its advanced layer of lenses, it actively combats retro-illumination where light from the screen image is reflected back onto the screen from the room. The Supernova Epic renders images in 100% neutral color for superior, realistic color reproduction and has a completely passive, shimmer-free front surface. The screen material has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for exceeding the benchmarks of quality that define the best in video performance available for consumers.

The Supernova Epic is available in standard sizes up to 156 inches with custom sizes available by special order.