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Shipping Update: HAI’s Pronto Link is Available

ProntoScript integration module allows control of HAI's home control systems by the Philips Pronto Remote.

New Orleans, LA–HAI is now shipping its Pronto Link, a ProntoScript Integration Module that allows control of HAI’s home control systems by the Philips Pronto Remote

Pronto Link allows a homeowner to use a single remote to control his home theater; adjust lights, temperatures, and security settings; and control multi-room audio systems, such as the Hi-Fi by HAI system. Pronto Link is compatible with all ethernet-enabled HAI Omni and Lumina family controllers.

The Philips TSU9600 Pronto remote provides a colorful touch sensitive display with Wi-Fi capability that allows it to be used as a wireless Touchscreen for the HAI system. The TSU9600 communicates via Wi-Fi to a standard Wi-Fi router or access point, which then connects to the Ethernet port on the HAI system. Screens are preprogrammed in Pronto Link so an installer can easily merge the HAI functionality into a standard Pronto project.

Pronto Link is a free download from the Philips Pronto website,