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Shipping Update: Niles iC2 Now Available

Big button interface designed to provide one-touch operation of even the most complicated home theater systems.

Miami, FL–Niles Audio’s iC2, which the company touts as an “easy-to-use, simple-to-install, advanced home theater automation system,” is now shipping.

The iC2 consists of two components, a user interface with large buttons and a main system unit that manages all other components in a home theater system including television, home theater receiver, and up to 14 additional sources like digital video recorders, DVD players and cable/satellite receivers. The iC2 system has a flexible architecture that accommodates virtually any home theater design and is equipped with ZigBee wireless technology to ensure consistently reliable operation of complicated system turn-on/set-up procedures from the touch of a single button.

Niles says that with its iC2 system, custom installation professionals can now offer their clients rewarding home theater viewing experiences that anyone in the family can access from an intuitive user interface. Even young children and seniors will enjoy home theater with none of the hassles associated with synchronizing and and operating increasingly complicated home theater systems.

“We targeted a growing segment of customers who prefer an easy-to-see, button-based wireless remote that automates even the most complicated home theaters with a single touch, said Frank Sterns, president of Niles. Now anyone in the family can operate the most complicated home theater from a single tactile user interface.

The iC2 Home Theater Automation and Control System has the added advantage of being simple to set up and install by professional integrators. The main system unit, which houses all component commands and issues them in the appropriate sequence, is programmed easily via Niles QuickConfig wizard-based software. During system configuration, the installer answers a series of logical questions after which the system is automatically configured and transferred to the main system unit via Niles IRCS Infrared Capture Station. QuickConfig saves installers time on the job and reduces their learning curve, both of which lead to improved productivity. The iC2 Home Theater Automation and Control System is now shipping to authorized Niles dealers.