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Shipping Update: SI Launches Black Diamond Projection Screen

Product is designed to more than triple the contrast in both 'dark' and 'bright' environments.

Austin, TX — SI’s Black Diamond projection screen is now shipping, according to the manufacturer. Black Diamond is designed to simultaneously enhances contrast, color saturation, depth of field, and video immersion in both bright and dark environments.
SI’s Black Diamond Screen promotion
The exclusive technologies in our Black Diamond projector screen represent a breakthrough in picture quality for home theater applications, explained Aaron Reilly, SI CTO. Black Diamond enhances projector performance by creating the ultimate contrast (blacker blacks, whiter whites) and color accuracy (with added vibrant color delivery) in both dark and bright environments.

Since Black Diamond was launched this past spring, we have already garnered a tremendous amount of interest from dealers, installers, and consumers, Reilly added. When demonstrated, customers cant believe the screens contrast in both dark and bright roomsthey had never seen anything like it before. Black Diamond is perfect for any home theater application. No more does the customer have to worry about their projectors contrast in order to enjoy industry leading high quality video projector screen performance.

Black Diamond features include:
Dark Environment; dramatically reduces light scatter, increasing viewer immersion and contrast by minimizing the room washout that exists with standard front projection screens.
– eliminates the need for masking by creating deep black bars when used with
2.35:1 format projection screens
Bright Environment; allows for viewer use in brighter environments versus standard screen surfaces. For use in applications such as lighted living rooms, game rooms, and theater rooms
Truly black native screen material color; higher aesthetic appeal when the projector is off – the screen material looks like a flat panel display
Future compliant with resolutions greater than 2K
Recommended projectors: all types
Maximum Seamless Size
– 2.35:1 142-inch diagonal
– 16:9 113-inch diagonal
– 4:3 90-inch diagonal
Gains available: 0.8
MSRP: TR100-inch BD14 – $2,599.00 on-line product features and tutorials:
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