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SIM2 and Dolby Laboratories Collaborate

Projector Manufacturer and technology licensing company to demonstrate new LCD display technology.

New York, NY–SIM2 Multimedia is working with Dolby Laboratories to develop new prototype high dynamic range (HDR)-enabled liquid crystal display (LCD) flat screens using Dolbys new light-emitting diodes (LED) local dimming technology. In addition, SIM2 will provide Dolby with manufacturing reference designs.

The new prototype displays will feature Dolbys dynamic range imaging technologies, Dolby Contrast and Dolby Vision, incorporated in SIM2s unique industrial concept. Dolby Contrast leverages LEDs with local dimming to provide dramatically enhanced contrast. Dolby Vision combines high brightness with enhanced contrast to deliver picture quality that virtually matches real-world visual perception of depth, detail, and color.

At SIM2, we design, develop, and deliver high-end display products that are visually stunning. Working with Dolby, we fuse our striking design with Dolbys core technology to deliver dazzling visual quality, said Maurizio Cini, president of SIM2 Multimedia.

Through its work with Dolby, SIM2 continues its long-term focus on delivering new and innovative technology solutions that enhance entertainment by making the experience as close as possible to reality.