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SIM2 Showcases New-Gen Projector in New York

The Italian manufacturer played up the curves and style of its C3X DLP projector with a celebratory bash in New York.

New York, NY–Italian manufacturer, SIM2, showcased the new-generation design of its Grand Cinema C3X projector in New Yorks Soho last night. Pitched as the Glamour of Technology, the swanky event featured SIM2’s C3X 1080 Full HD 3 Chip projectors–which integrate Texas Instruments DarkChip 4 chip to achieve superior contrast and 1080p display quality–utilized as sophisticated focal points in a high-end show home.

“SIM2 has a rich history of providing high- performance, beautifully styled home theater solutions,” said SIM2 Multimedia President Maurizio Cini in a statement. “The C3X 1080 represents the pinnacle of performance and design–we call it the ‘Glamour of Technology’. Now available, the C3X 1080 is an innovative, brilliantly crafted centerpiece that will deliver a breathtaking cinematic experience in the home.”

The C3X, seen here in a company-issued photo, is being positioned by SIM2 as both a practical and sophisticated projector option.

At the New York event, Cini and his crew played up that glamour angle with unique installations of the C3X, including projecting the classic movie, Casablanca, against a black wall above an entertainment center–a good demonstration TIs DarkChip 4 DLP device, which increases picture quality with improved blacks and superior brightness.

An animated film against a white wall about the long bar, and another projection against the expansive wall of the open-plan bedroom highlighted the units handling of contrast, color, brightness and resolution, all of which were rich.

The C3X was put to more conventional use in the designated kitchen area, where a Jennifer Aniston film was projected onto a classic white screen.

The 17-inch-square, 22-pound C3X 1080 is housed in a high-gloss sculpted cabinet designed by Giorgio Revoldini with the company’s trademark, flowing lines. Revoldini, who has designed several SIM2 models, has won several prestigious international industrial design awards, including a 2006 Good Design medal, administered by the Chicago Athenaeum.

For custom installers, the C3X 1080 delivers two selectable HDMI inputs (both fully HDCP-compliant), as well as inputs for legacy formats component-, S-, and composite-video, as well as RGB connection. Both RS-232 serial and USB ports are included to ease connectivity for control and software/firmware communications. Even an optical digital-audio, and 12-volt trigger outputs, as well as IR-sensor inputs, are on board for total flexibility of installation and control.