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SIM2 USA Offers ISF Training to its Dealers

The certification seminars give instruction in image calibration, customer service training, and product training geared to the manufacturers high-end video display systems.

Miramar, FL–SIM2 USA has teamed up with the Imaging Science Foundation Inc. (ISF) to provide regional ISF Certification training seminars for SIM2 USA dealers in six cities during 2007. Each two-day ISF Certification program consists of image calibration instruction, customer service training, and product training geared to SIM2’s high-end video display systems.

The inaugural training session was held here at the SIM2 USA headquarters on February 20 and 21, with future sessions planned for Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

For SIM2 dealers, the successful completion of the ISF Certification Program attests to their ability to fine tune the video image quality and color accuracy of the company’s high performance video display systems. The students learn to evaluate and adjust image quality to ISF specified standards, and they also get extensive training in dealing with typical customer support issues related to the calibration process.

“ISF video calibration techniques are universally acknowledged as the gold standard for achieving optimal video image quality,” said Giorgio Corazza, president of SIM2 USA. “By providing this training to our dealers, we ensure that they will provide our customers with the ultimate performance for their SIM2 products. After all, the SIM2 customer has purchased the best, and this will help them to get the best performance from it.”

“We appreciate this nationwide opportunity to help SIM2 dealers optimize image quality for their clients with precision on-site ISF calibration,” said Joel Silver, president and founder of ISF. “They have great products and a solid support team in the U.S. We are confident ISF dealer certification will be of great benefit to the company, its dealers, and most importantly of all, SIM2 USA customers.”

Each training session will accommodate about 20 students. The dates of the remaining sessions are: Dallas, April 20-21; San Francisco, May 18-19; New York, June 22-23; Chicago, August 24-25; and Los Angeles, November 5-6.

Interested dealers should contact SIM2 USA at 954.442.2999.

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