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Simply Reliable Launches Partnership Program

The software innovator has created a partner program specifically targeting custom electronics manufacturers.

Boston, MA–Simply Reliable Software has formed a new partnership program between SRS and the audio/video manufacturers supplying products to the custom installer market: SRS Partners. This partnership will allow Simply Reliable to provide audio/video, custom retailers, installers, contractors and integrators with images and data they need to automatically generate photo realistic drawings and design documents. Using these files, users can create custom proposals.

In introducing SRS Partners, Jonathan Knapp, president of Simply Reliable Software, said: SRS SmartOffice, is becoming the industry standard for process management, creating proposals and managing project demands. When manufacturers become an SRS Partner, they will allow the custom dealer and integrator to take proposals and documentation to a new level of professionalism.

The SRS Partners program is available to all consumer electronics manufacturers serving the custom install marketplace. These manufacturers will be supplied the templates for providing information for inclusion in the SRS database. With this data, SRS SmartOffice users can create designs in five different views including: plan view, which can manipulate AutoCAD drawings from the projects architect; rack layouts, which can be generated from the SRS Partners database; elevations, also automatically generated using measurements from the partners database; single line drawings, which allows users to simply click on devices that need to be connected without having to worry about how to connect the cables; and block schematics, which accommodates detailed network wiring from device to device.

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