SnapAV Offers Holy Snap Rewards Program

The Program Provides Prizes to Custom Integrators for Sales Milestones
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SnapAV has launched Holy Snap, a five-month rewards promotion offering huge rewards to certified SnapAV dealers who sign up and earn points. 

By earning one point per new SnapAV category purchase and double points on select brand categories, this program offers real rewards to custom installers for taking care of business. Points can be redeemed for rewards such as an Apple Watch or a 2016 Jaguar 3.0 Sport Sedan. Holy Snap is the property of Charlotte-based SnapAV, a designer, manufacturer and exclusive source of more than 1,800 electronic home solutions for both residential and commercial channels.

“Our dealers work hard and have dedicated themselves to a fast-paced industry,” said John Heyman, CEO of SnapAV. “We owe a huge part of our success to their work ethic, and thought it was only right to reward them for those efforts." 

SnapAV launched its original Holy Snap program five years ago, and it quickly became very popular, largely due to the scope of prizes it offered. This time, Holy Snap isn’t just giving away great gear. 

“We wanted to make sure these folks could earn the experience of a lifetime,” said Heyman. “We’ve got golf sets, jet skis, exotic cars, hunting trips, time in Vegas—even Caribbean cruises. People are going to be able to choose what they want to work toward.” 

While other rewards programs are modeled on sweepstakes lotteries, where only one or two people are eligible to win, Holy Snap makes sure everyone who signs up for the program can work toward amazing, easily reachable rewards.