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SnapAV Challenges Dealers to Audition Episode Speakers

SnapAV is putting its money where its mouth is by challenging dealers to audition any new Episode ES-series In-Ceiling, In-Wall or Bookshelf models versus a comparably configured competitors’ product that they are selling.

If the dealer doesn’t agree that the Episodes outperform the competitors’ product, SnapAV will refund the dealer the cost of the Episodes, plus an additional $100.

”We are extremely proud of the new Episode loudspeaker line we created,” SnapAV Marketing VP, Adam Levy, said. “The extensive loudspeaker product development and marketing experience possessed by president Jay Faison, vice presidents Bill Harrell and Steve Hayes, and audio specialist Rune Karsbaek all came together in a line of products that we are betting far exceed similarly configured competitors offerings.”

The Episode speakers utilize premium components and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Emphasis was placed on creating a line balanced enough to fit 90 percent of the installation situations that dealers face everyday, without having so many offerings that selection could be confusing.

“The challenge program is about letting SnapAV dealers experience these new speakers against the competitors models for themselves; a comparison against the speakers that they are familiar with — ideally the ones they have been selling everyday.”

To be eligible for the challenge, comparable products must either be those listed at or approved by the sales team at SnapAV.

Any Episode ES Speakers in the 300, 500, and 700 Series are eligible, including:

• ES-300-IC-6
• ES-300-IC-8
• ES-300-IW-6
• ES-500-IC-6
• ES-500-IC-8
• ES-500-IW-6
• ES-500-ICSURR-6
• ES-500-ICDVC-6
• ES-500-POINT-6
• ES-500-LCR-4
• ES-500-SAT-4
• ES-700-IC-6
• ES-700-IC-8
• ES-700-IW-6
• ES-700-POINT-6

A few of these new products are coming soon, and any new Episode Speakers launched in the coming months will also be eligible for the challenge.