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SnapAV No More: Introducing Snap One

The company rebrands to better represent how it serves this diverse industry.

As of today, Partners will no longer be able to buy from SnapAV. No, the venerable company isn’t going anywhere — as evidenced by a string of news-making acquisitions and investments, but they are retiring the SnapAV name that it has had these past 15 years and relaunching as Snap One.

Snap One – Logo

“The name ‘SnapAV’ no longer fully represents who we are or our aspirations for the future,” says Snap One CEO John Heyman. “We kept the name ‘Snap’ because of our ongoing mission to make our partners’ lives easier. Snap One builds upon this legacy and reinforces our aspiration to be the integrator’s most valued and most trusted partner. We want to be the one place with the broadest portfolio of best-in-class products; the one shopping experience that can be done online or in-store; and the one partner that professionals can depend on when installing and supporting the amazing experiences that their customers desire.”

The new name also shows not only how much the company has changed in terms of the gear it offers and how it serves its clients, but also how much the industry has also evolved. “The job of an installer has changed so much,” says Kordon Vaughn, VP marketing, campaigns & creative, Snap One. “The types of projects — and the complexities of the products — have exploded over the years. We’ve evolved as a company to make sure we can continue to support professional installers today in the same way that we always have. And a big part of that has been around making sure our product platform is the best in the industry.”

The discussion over a rebranding began back in 2019, when SnapAV acquired Control4. “As we reflected on the merger, one of the big takeaways was that SnapAV as a name today doesn’t fully reflect all we are doing for our partners in the field,” explains Vaughn. “What we wanted to do as part of the merger was update our brand to make sure it reflected not just where the company’s been, but where we want to take it.

“Whether they’re researching or buying or installing or supporting a customer after the installation, our focus remains to make sure every interaction is a snap. That was our purpose in our founding and that remains today. It’s just in our DNA. These thoughts about simplifying the complexity and becoming their one most-valued partner based on the work we do has brought us to our new name. Snap One is a reflection on what we’ve already done, who we are today, and this ongoing focus for the future to make things simple.”

So what does the rebranding mean for Snap One’s Partners? At the outset, nothing — it will be business as usual, but you will soon see the name and logo popping up everywhere. As time goes on, however, installers can look for new business initiatives that are designed to exemplify the change to “One.”

For example, later this year, Snap One will unveil one unified portal so integrators can research, quote, and purchase any products from a single location. The company will also have one streamlined loyalty program. “Our goal has always been to offer great products and top-tier services that simplify the integrator’s life and support their business,” says Heyman. “Our new platforms and services are designed to do just that.”

The new name also has no effect on the company’s interest in going public.

Snap One will be on hand with its new look — and lots of products — at CEDIA Expo Booth #3643.

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