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SnapAV Relaunches Holy Snap Rewards Program

SnapAV has brought back its Holy Snap rewards program.

SnapAV has brought back its Holy Snap rewards program. This time the program is exclusive to their Partner Rewards members and lasts a full year.

“Our goal for Holy Snap is simple,” said Adam Levy, president of SnapAV. He credits the program as a major perk for their loyal customer base. “We just want to reward our dealers for thinking of us first. For example, guys can get HDMI cables anywhere. So when they come to us, we want to give them something back in return.”

The year-long program was designed to give participants more time to earn points toward rewards. “Lot of new rewards to work toward this time around,” added Levy. New rewards include a 2018 iMac Pro, jet skis, pool tables, and pontoon boats, as well as a variety of vacations. 

Levy believes the program can help dealers rediscover their love of the industry. “Ultimately, we’re in a pretty fun business. And sometimes when you’re crawling under somebody’s porch, it’s easy to forget that,” said Levy. “Holy Snap lets us inject some excitement back into the mundane, so guys aren’t up in somebody’s crawlspace thinking about how busy their day is. They’re thinking about how they’re one step closer to a jet ski in 2018. That’s what this is all about.”

Partner Rewards members can get started with Holy Snap online