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Sonos’ iPhone Update

Santa Barbara, CA — Sonos has released an update of its Controller for iPhone (version 2.8.1.). The free update allows Sonos customers with an iPhone 3G, iPhone, or iPod touch to enjoy even more features of the Sonos Multi-Room Music System including alarms, and computer-free setup. The new Sonos Controller for iPhone is also available at the iTunes App Store.

The Sonos Controller for iPhone interface provides Sonos customers with a variety of new features and functionality, including:

  • Support for seven different languages — English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Wake to music with Sonos — Create, edit and delete multiple alarms on the Sonos system
  • Fall asleep to music with Sonos — Set timers for any room to turn off the music automatically
  • Playback of DRM protected Microsoft WMA files (including purchased Microsoft Windows Media downloads from stores such as the Zune Marketplace)
  • Computer-free setup — Search for and set up network music folders without touching a computer
  • A video demonstration of the Sonos Controller for iPhone is available at

“By turning the iPhone into a revolutionary Controller for the Sonos Multi-Room Music System, we have been able to introduce the joy of multi-room music to more music lovers than ever before,” said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos Inc. “This free feature update to the Sonos Controller for iPhone demonstrates our commitment to provide an unparalleled music experience that continues to get better over time.”

Another development related to Sonos and Apple is that Sonos now provides full support for music purchased from the Apple iTunes Music Store after April 7. Apple’s recent decision to provide 100 percent of its catalog as DRM-free downloads means that Sonos customers can control and play any of the millions of songs purchased through iTunes and stored on their home PC, Mac, or network attached storage. By providing full support for AAC (advance audio coding), Sonos customers around the world now have a legal online music store where they can buy all the music they love to play all over the house. And they can control it all from the palm of their hand with the Sonos Controller CR100, Sonos Controller for iPhone or both.

In conjunction with the new update for the Sonos Controller for iPhone, Sonos also introduced a one-button software update (Sonos Software 2.8) that includes new, free content for European customers. Sonos introduced the free Deezer Radio service to Sonos customers in 30 European countries. The new Sonos content integration provides European Sonos customers with access to brand new content right out of the box.

Finally, today Sonos announced a special promotion that allows customers to save up to $199 when they buy any Sonos ZonePlayer (ZP90 or ZP120) together with a Sonos Controller CR100. This limited-time offer is ideal for both new customers looking to get started with Sonos and current customers who want to add on to their existing systems. To add music to a room with existing audio equipment, the ZP90 and Sonos Controller combo is available for $599 (a savings of $149). For all other rooms-from the bedroom to the backyard-the amplified ZP120 and Controller combo is available for $699 (a savings of $199). The promotion expires May 31, 2009.